How much time do I have to volunteer?
2 ½ half hours a week, per child.  Plus attendance or driving on at least 2 field trips a year.  In addition to classroom time, each Parent Volunteer serves on a classroom committee, such as Celebrations, Field Trips, or Class Auction Project.
Volunteer classroom time typically starts 2 or 3 weeks after school starts, and is either done in the morning or afternoon.  This work day and time won’t change till the end of the school year

On the 2nd Thursday evening of every month of the school year, we are required to attend two meetings:
6:30 PM in the school gym:
This first meeting is where school functions, finances, plans, events and policies are presented, voiced, and voted on.
Your childs classroom:
Following the general meeting in the gym, you will meet with everyone in your childs class to discuss class projects, fieldtrips and get an overview and preview of classroom learning activities.

Your suggested monthly donation is $15, plus volunteer hours are what make the benefits of the Co-op possible.  We crowdsource funding and transportation, leading to more experiments, more exploring, and more growing outside of desk.

Any adult, authorized by the students’ parent or guardian that has completed the application process and has passed a Washington State Patrol background check.

These are the formal rules that outline your Rights and Responsibilities as a Co-op member.  The close involvement of parents in the Co-op necessitates formal rules and guidelines, as well as consequences for failure to meet commitments for field trips or class days.
Your class Parent Coordinator (PC) or anyone here would be happy to help with any questions.

During a typical volunteer day, parents can be found in our classrooms doing a wide variety of “jobs”, which can include tutoring students in the class, playing games, correcting papers, helping supervise recess, or anything else that the teacher might need a little extra help with.  If you have a special talent, you might even find yourself helping to teach the class a lesson.  There are also other opportunities to help out around the school.

Field trips are an integral part of the Co-op, providing MCEP students with a vast array of learning experiences not available in a classroom setting.  Students typically will go on one field trip each month, with some going on more from time to time. Teachers will schedule field trips based on their curriculum plan, in an effort to enhance their students’ understanding of particular areas of study.
Required by you:
Attendance as a chaperone on two field trips is required, drivers are always needed but you are not required to drive.
Do I have to meet special requirements to be a driver on a field trip?
In order to be a driver on a field trip, parents must meet Marysville School District insurance requirements.  This requires at least $100,000/$300,000 liability insurance on the vehicle and all drivers must obtain an abstract of their driving record.
What do I do if my child still uses a booster seat?
Parents with children still in a booster seat are responsible for making sure their child has one to use the day of the field trip. Current laws must be followed in regards to proper seat belt and booster seat use. Only adults may sit in the front seat.

MCEP is a part of Marysville School District, and our curriculum follows the districts set formula for learning, and Co-op students participate in the state testing.  They are NOT however, the focus of the educators in our program.

You are never on your own at MCEP.  Please let us know if you have any questions, want to schedule a tour, or just want clarification.  Additionally, each class has a PC (Parent Coordinator) to walk you through the specifics of your grade.

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