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  • Our Philosophy & Goals

    Our Philosophy & Goals

    MCEP Philosophy

    MCEP was founded in 1995 to provide students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing environment with close student-teacher-parent relationships. MCEP is a non-profit elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment to ensure our students experience success every day.

    MCEP philosophy is we believe the best learning takes place –

    • In a warm supportive atmosphere, where each child is respected as an individual and where peer competition or fear of failure is not encouraged as motivators.
    • When it takes into account the uniqueness of the child’s needs, interests, abilities, learning rates, and styles.
    • When the child is active, manipulating objects and experimenting.
    • When the child is allowed to think independently and make choices.
    • When there is a diversity of personalities involved where the child has the opportunity to learn from peers and other children as well as from a variety of adults, including teachers, parents and community resource persons.
    • When there is no sharp distinction between school and home. Learning takes place in many different settings.
    • Through experiences that lead to the enrichment of the human imagination, spirit, and mind.

    Program Goals

    • Teach basic skills.
    • Follow a less formal concept. The classroom will be flexible in the use of time, space, combinations of children and teaching methods. It will go beyond the typical curriculum areas and classroom walls. The development of the individual will be stressed.
    • Provide the opportunity for personal growth through discussion groups, role-playing, value clarification and actual experience. The children will be guided to solve their own social problems.
    • Model, encourage, and actively pursue equality. MCEP strives to prepare its students to embrace multicultural diversity and to respect the traditions and values of all ethnicities. An attitude of inclusion teaches positive life skills and good citizenship.
    • Include field trips as an integral part of the curriculum.
    • Provide a continuous progress method. There will be student mobility. Each child will be allowed to progress at their own rate according to their own developmental level, with the freedom to learn and create in their learning style.
    • Provide regular parent-student-teacher conferences. Families in the Cooperative take part in the district-wide parent conferences and may schedule others on an “as needed” basis.
    • Allow children in the Cooperative to benefit from Marysville School District specialists (i.e. music, art, library, physical education) and building programs (i.e. special education intervention, assemblies and PTSA) as they would in any other school.
    • Our program will take necessary steps to improve our teaching and knowledge through Student Success Initiatives to benefit our students’ academic growth.