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  • Principal Robertson-Landi

    Principal Robertson-Landi

    Dear Marshall/MCEP Families,

    My name is Joan Robertson-Landi and I am thrilled to serve as Principal at
    Marshall/MCEP, my 3rd year in Marysville and my 33rd year in education. I am looking
    forward to getting to know the Marshall students and families.
    Our mission at Marshall/MCEP is for students, staff, and parents to work cooperatively
    providing a safe, positive learning environment that encourages each child and adult to
    reach their maximum potential, value differences in themselves and others, and
    experience the joy of learning.

    As the principal of Marshall/MCEP, my vision is to continue to build a school
    environment where students feel safe, challenged and engaged in class. A school
    where students and staff are encouraged to celebrate our values and differences. A
    school where teachers are supported and trusted. A school where our parents will be
    involved in school activities and classrooms, and teachers and parents will work
    collaboratively to support their students. I have always maintained an open door policy
    and encourage staff and families to share their celebrations as well as problems.

    My hope this year is to maintain and build upon the strong sense of community that is
    prevalent on this campus. I will continue to maintain the positive academic attitude that
    exists between all members of the Marshall/MCEP community. Being at Marshall I find
    myself surrounded by a caring, service minded community. Always remember what is
    stated over the front door: “ Thank you for visiting the happiest place on earth.”

    Joan Robertson-Landi
    Marshall/MCEP Elementary, Principal